Volume 11, Issue 3 DECEMBER 2023

Editorial Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Ethics Education: Opening a NewChapterAvinash De Sousa, Russell D’Souza DOI Number:  152-154 Review Paper The Development of Bioethics: Historical Facets Vital in the Foundationand Development of Healthcare BioethicsJanvier Nzayikorera DOI Number:  155-171 Review Paper Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cloning and De-Extinction – A Short Review Filip Novaković DOI Number:  … Read more

Volume 11 (Issue 2) September 2023

Editorial Ethics in Child Sexual Abuse ResearchAvinash De Sousa, Russell D’Souza DOI Number:  80-85 Review Paper Bio Medical Ethics Issues in handling the PandemicAneesh Jose, Nicholas Antao, Rouen Mascarenhas DOI Number:  86-94 Original Research Paper Stakeholder views on future use of biological samples in Malawi and South AfricaFrancis Masiye, Walter Jaoko, Stuart Rennie DOI Number:  … Read more

Volume 11 (Issue 1) March 2023

Editorial Ethics in Managing Big Data: Ensuring Privacy and Data Security while Using ChatGPT in HealthcareRussell D’Souza, Avinash De Sousa DOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.11.1.2023.1-4 1-4 Review Paper The Ethical Aspects of Germline Gene EditingP. Padmanabhan DOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.11.1.2023.5-11 5-11 Review Paper Existence Of Unequal Treatment in Healthcare: An Indicator for The Violation of Healthcare Bioethical PrinciplesJanvier Nzayikorera DOI … Read more

Volume 10 (Issue 3) December 2022

Editorial Telepsychiatry – few clinical and ethical dilemmasAvinash De Sousa, Russell D’Souza DOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.1.2022.116-118 116-118 Review Paper Status Quo Of Healthcare Systems and Their Impact on Pharmaceutical Industry Performance in African Developing Countries: A Scoping ReviewVanessa Strüver, Firas Fneish, Sam C. Ibeneme, Rainer Muche,Gerhard Fortwengel DOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.1.2022.119-133 119-133 Review Paper Medical Ethics in … Read more

Volume 10 (Issue 2) September 2022

Editorial The Ethics of WarAvinash De Sousa, Devika Rau Bhujang, Russell D’SouzaDOI Number:  10.38020/GBE.10.2.2022.66-69 66-69 Review Paper A 5 Step Empathetic Model (5-SEM) for Doctor Patient CommunicationTranto OrditDOI Number:  10.38020/GBE.10.2.2022.70-74 70-74 Review Paper Ethical Issues in the use of Exergames in the ElderlyIshita Bhattacharya, Vishakha Shinde Patil, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.2.2022.75-79 75-79 Review Paper … Read more

Volume 10 (Issue 1) March 2022

Editorial Marital Rape: critical ethical and legal issuesChitrita Sengupta Chaki, Avinash De Sousa, Russell D’SouzaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.1.2022.1-4 1-4 Review Paper Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials that involve Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersVinyas Nisarga, Prerna Khar, Swati Balkrishna Shelke, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.1.2022.5-10 5-10 Review Paper Do physicians reserve the right to refuse treating patients … Read more

Volume 9 (Issue 3) December 2021

Editorial Ethical Issues in Trauma Related PsychotherapySheela Dang, Avinash De Sousa, Russell D’SouzaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.9.3.2021.138-141 131-141 Review Paper Ethics in the micro-allocation of resources during a sanitary emergency: a systematic review Roberta Nascimento de Oliveira Lemos dos Santos, Luciana Stoimenoff Brito, Sergio RegoDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.9.3.2021.142-152 142-152 Review Paper Ethical Transgressions Across the Globe: A ReportDeepali Arora, C.V.Sreelakshmi, … Read more

Volume 9 (Issue 2) September 2021

Editorial Ethical and Legal Issues in Suicide Russell D’Souza, Avinash De Sousa DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.38020/GBE.9.2.2021.64-69 64-69 Review Paper A Woman’s Job, A Man’s Privilege? Identifying Ethical, Racial, Societal Factors in the Prevailing Gender Disparity in Organ Donation Tanishqa Sheth, Rahul Rangan, Alisha Jain, Pranjal Vatnani, Aman Saxena, Jhancy Rani, Shiv H. Joshi DOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.9.2.2021.70-84 70-84 Review … Read more

Volume 9 (Issue 1) June 2021

Review Paper Karma and Corona: A Philosophical Perspective on COVID-19 As An Outcome of Cruelty Towards Animals By HumanityShanthi Van ZeebroeckDOI Number: http://doi.org/10.38020/GBE.9.1.2021.5-10 5-10 Position Paper Nursing & Health Care Ethics Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Policy Guideline Recommendations Based on UNESCO’s Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human RightsKristen Jones-Bonofiglio, Miriam Carole Atieno Wagoro, Judie Arulappan, Annabelle … Read more

Volume 08 (Issue 3) December 2020

Editorial Article Ethical Issues in Psychotherapy with AdolescentsRussell D’Souza, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.8.3.2020.119-122 Page.No 119-112 Review Paper Ethical Issues in Patient Care in the current COVID-19 PandemicPradeep Narayan, Anjuli Tuladhar Barai, Partha Bhattacharjee, Russell D’Souza,  Muralidhar KanchiDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.8.3.2020.123-131 123-131 Review Paper Altered Human: A Moratorium on Human Germline Editing as a  fundamental violation of the … Read more