Volume 9 (Issue 2) September 2021

Editorial Ethical and Legal Issues in SuicideRussell D’Souza, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: https://doi.org/10.38020/GBE.9.2.2021.64-69 64-69 Review Paper A Woman’s Job, A Man’s Privilege? Identifying Ethical, Racial, Societal Factors in the Prevailing Gender Disparity in Organ DonationTanishqa Sheth, Rahul Rangan, Alisha Jain, Pranjal Vatnani, Aman Saxena,Jhancy Rani, Shiv H. JoshiDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.9.2.2021.70-84 70-84 Review Paper How To Improve The … Read more

Volume 9 (Issue 1) June 2021

Review Paper Karma and Corona: A Philosophical Perspective on COVID-19 As An Outcome of Cruelty Towards Animals By HumanityShanthi Van ZeebroeckDOI Number: http://doi.org/10.38020/GBE.9.1.2021.5-10 5-10 Position Paper Nursing & Health Care Ethics Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Policy Guideline Recommendations Based on UNESCO’s Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human RightsKristen Jones-Bonofiglio, Miriam Carole Atieno Wagoro, Judie Arulappan, Annabelle … Read more

Volume 08 (Issue 3) December 2020

Editorial Article Ethical Issues in Psychotherapy with AdolescentsRussell D’Souza, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.8.3.2020.119-122 Page.No 119-112 Review Paper Ethical Issues in Patient Care in the current COVID-19 PandemicPradeep Narayan, Anjuli Tuladhar Barai, Partha Bhattacharjee, Russell D’Souza,  Muralidhar KanchiDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.8.3.2020.123-131 123-131 Review Paper Altered Human: A Moratorium on Human Germline Editing as a  fundamental violation of the … Read more

Volume 05 (Issue 03) December 2017

Editorial Article Ethical Aspects of using the Digital Phenotypes of patients in psychiatric assessmentRussell D’Souza , Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.3.2017.103-104 Page.No 103-104 Review Paper Bioethics in the undergraduate medical curriculum: a review from the Indian subcontinentPinaki WanDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.3.2017.105-110 105-110 Review Paper Ethical Aspects of Social Media Use by Young ClergyThomas MJDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.3.2017.111-114 111-114 Original Research … Read more

Volume 05 (Issue 02) September 2017

Editorial Article Ethical Issues associated with Diagnosing and Managing DiabetesRussell D’SouzaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.2.2017.52-56 Page.No 52-56 Review Paper Pharmacovigilance and Ethical IssuesBarna GangulyDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.2.2017.57-60 57-60 Review Paper Resistance to the Global Poliomyelitis Eradication Initiative – Perceptions and Perspectives of Recipients: a review of the Northern Nigerian Episode VictoriaN. Omole , Nmadu GA , Oyefabi A and Audu … Read more

Volume 05 (Issue 01) April 2017

Editorial Article The concept of ‘professional boundary’ in psychotherapyRussell D’Souza, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.1.2017.1-3 Page.No 1-3 Review Paper Why is Principlism limited in its’ Utility in Psychiatric Settings?Srikanth Nimmagadda, Charlotte Caton, Kikelomo Anunobi,Kathryn Crossley, Jonathan Glynn,Claire BuchanDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.1.2017.4-9 4-9 Review Paper Environmental Ethics – The Fullest Extension of Human EthicsDerek S.J D’Souza, Russell D’SouzaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.5.1.2017.10-14 10-14 … Read more

Volume 06 (Issue 03) December 2018

Editorial Article Understanding the Development of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human RightsRussell D’Souza, Mary MathewDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.3.2018.117-121 Page.No 117-121 Review Paper Use of Simulated Patients as an Educational Resource for Bioethics EducationDerek D’SouzaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.3.2018.122-126 122-126 Review Paper Ethical, Social and Legal Consequences of Genomic Medicine and Predictive Genetic Testing for DiabetesRussell D’SouzaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.3.2018.127-133 127-133 … Read more

Volume 06 (Issue 02) September 2018

Editorial Article The Pressure for Euthanasia In Medically Developed CountriesEleanor FlynnDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.2.2018.64-66 Page.No 64-66 Review Paper Various Faculty Teaching Styles To Support Student LearningK. GireeshDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.2.2018.67-70 67-70 Review Paper Dealing With Academic DishonestyS. GeetalakshmiDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.2.2018.71-75 71-75 Review Paper Thoughts On A New Draft Bill On Living WillP. Kanchi, S. KanchiDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.2.2018.76-81 76-81 Review Paper Family … Read more

Volume 06 (Issue 01) April 2018

Editorial Article Ethical, Social and Legal Consequences of Genomic Medicine and Personalized PsychiatryRussell D’Souza, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.1.2018.1-4 Page.No 1-4 Review Paper Ethical Issues in Mandatory VaccinationManmeet KaurGill, Sahiba Kukreja, Rahul Mannan, Anureet Gill, APSinghDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.1.2018.5-12 5-12 Review Paper Ethical Issues in The Treatment of Transsexual PatientsPragya Lodha, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.6.1.2018.13-18 13-18 Review Paper … Read more

Volume 07 (Issue 01) March 2019

Editorial Article Misuse of today’s wonder-drugs threaten our futureIlora FinlayDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.7.1.2019.1-2 Page.No 1-2 Review Paper Medicolegal Issues Concerning Women in IndiaSwapnil Sudhirkumar AgarwalDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.7.1.2019.3-7 3-7 Review Paper Identifying Various Learning Styles Amongst Students Praveen Kumar Arora, Sonal Singh AroraDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.7.1.2019.8-12 8-12 Review Paper To Withhold or Withdraw: that is the QuestionMamatha J., Rajalakshmi A.N., Vidhiyasagaran J. … Read more