Volume 11, Issue 3 DECEMBER 2023

Editorial Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Ethics Education: Opening a NewChapterAvinash De Sousa, Russell D’Souza DOI Number:  152-154 Review Paper The Development of Bioethics: Historical Facets Vital in the Foundationand Development of Healthcare BioethicsJanvier Nzayikorera DOI Number:  155-171 Review Paper Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cloning and De-Extinction – A Short Review Filip Novaković DOI Number:  … Read more

Volume 11 (Issue 2) September 2023

Editorial Ethics in Child Sexual Abuse ResearchAvinash De Sousa, Russell D’Souza DOI Number:  80-85 Review Paper Bio Medical Ethics Issues in handling the PandemicAneesh Jose, Nicholas Antao, Rouen Mascarenhas DOI Number:  86-94 Original Research Paper Stakeholder views on future use of biological samples in Malawi and South AfricaFrancis Masiye, Walter Jaoko, Stuart Rennie DOI Number:  … Read more

Volume 10 (Issue 2) September 2022

Editorial The Ethics of WarAvinash De Sousa, Devika Rau Bhujang, Russell D’SouzaDOI Number:  10.38020/GBE.10.2.2022.66-69 66-69 Review Paper A 5 Step Empathetic Model (5-SEM) for Doctor Patient CommunicationTranto OrditDOI Number:  10.38020/GBE.10.2.2022.70-74 70-74 Review Paper Ethical Issues in the use of Exergames in the ElderlyIshita Bhattacharya, Vishakha Shinde Patil, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.2.2022.75-79 75-79 Review Paper … Read more

Volume 10 (Issue 1) March 2022

Editorial Marital Rape: critical ethical and legal issuesChitrita Sengupta Chaki, Avinash De Sousa, Russell D’SouzaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.1.2022.1-4 1-4 Review Paper Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials that involve Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersVinyas Nisarga, Prerna Khar, Swati Balkrishna Shelke, Avinash De SousaDOI Number: 10.38020/GBE.10.1.2022.5-10 5-10 Review Paper Do physicians reserve the right to refuse treating patients … Read more