Aims and Scope

Global Bioethics Enquiry provides a platform for well-argued, well written and erudite articles on the ethical questions in medicine in the developing and developed world, bioethics as it concerns the human race, issues related to ethics and law, ethics and bioethics education, methods of teaching bioethics, bioethics in medical, nursing and allied education, international collaborative bioethical clinical research, mental health ethics, current bioethical debates and dilemmas, issues related to ageing and current medical technologies like  genomics, stem cell research and artificial intelligence. The journal prefers articles that looks at various bioethical issues considered in relation to concrete ethical, legal and policy perspectives and in terms of the fundamental concepts, principles and theories used in discussions of such problems and current issues.

As medical technology continues to develop, the subject of bioethics has an impact on all those working in philosophy, medicine, law, sociology, public policy, education and related fields and also in areas like clinical research and current medical issues.

The journal prefers papers on current bioethical debates in the current and futuristic perspective. The journal shall have a readership that includes bioethics scholars, medical and bioethics teachers, medical nursing and allied profession students and clinicians alike.